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Understanding the Basic of Flood Insurance

Water accounts for nearly 75% of the Earth’s surface. While essential to life forms, an unexpected onslaught of water can become a serious hazard/danger to property and life. Floods can be caused by heavy rainfall, storm surges, melting snow, blocked drainage systems, and more. Grove Insurance Agency is here to assist the greater Brownsburg, IN region residents.

What Is a Flood in the Context of Insurance?

Within the industry, a flood is defined as a general/temporary condition where a) two or more acres of normally dry land or b) two or more properties have been inundated by water/mudflow.

FEMA designates flood zones throughout the country based on the likelihood of flooding. Properties in Special Flood Hazard Areas are most at risk; they typically need flood insurance if the property is mortgaged by a federally regulated lender.

What is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance refers to a unique and specialized insurance coverage that protects homeowners from losses created by a flood event.

Flood Coverage

Coverage typically includes both the structure of the home (the building and its foundation, etc.) and its contents (appliances, furniture, clothing, etc.).

Excluded Perils

Standard insurance policies for homeowners DO NOT typically cover losses caused by flooding. And property located below grade, like basements, may be excluded.

Other important flood insurance aspects include –

  • A waiting period is usually required before flood insurance coverage is effective.
  • Most flood insurance policies are offered through a FEMA-managed National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Some private insurers offer flood insurance, although terms/coverage/conditions may differ.
  • Flood insurance costs depend on various factors, like elevation, location, coverage, etc.

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It’s crucial to review the terms of your flood policy carefully. For additional information, contact our licensed professionals at Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN today.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Whether you live in an area that is prone to flooding or not, in today’s world of unexpected major weather events, it is a good idea to have a flood insurance policy in place. The agents at the Grove Insurance Agency serving the Brownsburg, IN area want you to understand what protection flood insurance can offer to you.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance is normally not covered under a regular home insurance policy, which means you have to request it to be put in place. This type of insurance can protect you against costly damage and loss of property if a flood occurs. You can obtain a flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or private insurance companies.

Flood insurance normally covers any damage to your home or other buildings as well as your personal property that is caused by a flash flood, slide, mudslide, or other disaster that is similar to these. The coverage extends to the structure of the building in which you live as well as your personal belongings that are inside the building, such as your clothing, household items, appliances, furniture, and even your electronics.       

Your flood insurance policy may even cover the cost of temporary housing for you and your family, as well as living expenses if you are displaced from your home because of flood damage.

Keep in mind that flood insurance is not the same as sewer backup or some failure insurance so you will have to address that with your trusted insurance agent.

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It is imperative that you get your flood insurance policy started right away by contacting an experienced and knowledgeable flood insurance agent. Call the Grove Insurance Agency serving the Brownsburg, IN area today to get your flood insurance policy started!

4 Facts about flood insurance

Flooding is a real threat, regardless of whether you live on a beach or are landlocked in the middle of the state. Under the right conditions, even the residents of this state can face the destructive effects of floods. 

Luckily, Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN can keep you afloat. Our experienced agents understand the importance of adding flood insurance to your existing policies.

Here are four facts about flood insurance everyone should know:

Flood insurance is for everyone

Flood insurance is just for homeowners. While landlords or building associations may have their own plans, these apply to the building structure itself. Any interior damage, like electronics or furniture, would be excluded. Renters should carry a flood policy to fill this gap.

Flood insurance is for everywhere

Flood insurance is always a necessity. It’s that simple. Anyone is at risk for flood damage, even those who live outside of a high-risk area. To underline this point, FEMA reports that residents in low to moderate-risk zones are much more likely to experience a flood than a fire.

Flood insurance is absent from most other policies

Many homeowners or renters incorrectly assume they already have flood protection. This is a common misconception. In fact, floods are rarely covered under typical policies. Only a dedicated flood insurance plan can safeguard your belongings from rising water.

Flood insurance is easy to add

Flood insurance that’s obtained through local, private companies, like Grove Insurance Agency, is federally-supported. Although pricing will vary based on location and risk assessment, it’s easily applied to existing plans.

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Grove Insurance Agency provides more than helpful information. Serving the greater Brownsburg, IN community, our agents grant security, protection, and peace of mind through personalized flood insurance policies. Set up an appointment today.

What Flood Insurance Covers (and Why You Need it in Brownsburg, IN)

What Flood Insurance Covers (and Why You Need It)

If you own a home, you probably have a homeowner’s insurance plan that will protect you from a variety of events. If a fire breaks out and burns down your home, for example, your insurance plan will likely cover the damage and pay for repairs and construction.

That said, a basic homeowner’s insurance plan typically does not cover flooding. If your home is damaged during a flood, your insurance provider may not cover the damage and repairs. By purchasing flood insurance, however, you’ll typically be covered should a flood occur.

Let’s take a look at why flood insurance is vital for most, if not all, homeowners. If you have questions, contact the Grove Insurance Agency, which serves Brownsburg IN, and other locales.

Why Flood Insurance is Vital For Homeowners

Flooding can cause massive damage to your home. Even a few inches of floodwater can cause massive amounts of damage. If water enters your home, it could ruin your drywall, cause wood framing to rot, and may destroy your electrical system, among many other things.

Flooded homes are often condemned, torn down, and rebuilt. Even if your home looks fine to the naked eye, it may be damaged beyond repair. Mold may be growing within the walls and electrical wiring may be breaking down, creating fire hazards, among other things. If your foundation or load-bearing structures are damaged, your home might even collapse.

Often, it’s best to simply start over. With flood insurance, you can do just that. Your flood insurance provider will reimburse you for the damage caused to your home. You may be able to use this money to tear down your old house and to build a new home comparable in size and quality.

If you don’t have flood insurance, you likely won’t be reimbursed. Instead, you’ll have to pay for everything out of pocket. Unless you’re wealthy, this may not be financially feasible.

Contact the Grove Insurance Agency, which serves Brownsburg, IN and other areas nearby, to learn more about flood insurance.

Three things you need to know when looking for flood insurance in Indiana

It’s important to invest in flood insurance as a homeowner in Brownsburg, IN. If you don’t invest in this important type of insurance, you may have to deal with paying for expensive home repairs out of pocket. We offer flood insurance in Indiana at Grove Insurance Agency.

The following are three things you need to know when looking for flood insurance in Brownsburg, IN. 

Flood insurance is required for some property owners.

You need to know about flood insurance requirements for your property. You might be required by your municipality or by your mortgage lender to purchase flood insurance. Knowing what types of insurance you’re required to purchase is important. 

Knowing the flood zone you’re in is important.

The costs of flood insurance vary depending on the flood zone in which a particular property is located. Knowing your property’s flood zone gives you key insights into how much your flood insurance costs should be. 

If your property is located in a flood zone that’s particularly at risk, flood insurance is going to cost more than it would in a property with minimal flood risk. Knowing the flood zone of a property you’re interested in purchasing is important so that you can gauge insurance costs before purchasing that property. 

It would be best if you looked into fortifying your property against flood damage. 

You may be able to invest in some property improvements to bring down flood damage risks and flood insurance costs. Research this possibility when you’re making decisions on whether to purchase a particular property. 

If you have questions about flood insurance, we have the answers you’re looking for at Grove Insurance Agency. Get in touch with us to learn more about flood insurance options in Brownsburg, IN.