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4 Facts about flood insurance

Flooding is a real threat, regardless of whether you live on a beach or are landlocked in the middle of the state. Under the right conditions, even the residents of this state can face the destructive effects of floods. 

Luckily, Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN can keep you afloat. Our experienced agents understand the importance of adding flood insurance to your existing policies.

Here are four facts about flood insurance everyone should know:

Flood insurance is for everyone

Flood insurance is just for homeowners. While landlords or building associations may have their own plans, these apply to the building structure itself. Any interior damage, like electronics or furniture, would be excluded. Renters should carry a flood policy to fill this gap.

Flood insurance is for everywhere

Flood insurance is always a necessity. It’s that simple. Anyone is at risk for flood damage, even those who live outside of a high-risk area. To underline this point, FEMA reports that residents in low to moderate-risk zones are much more likely to experience a flood than a fire.

Flood insurance is absent from most other policies

Many homeowners or renters incorrectly assume they already have flood protection. This is a common misconception. In fact, floods are rarely covered under typical policies. Only a dedicated flood insurance plan can safeguard your belongings from rising water.

Flood insurance is easy to add

Flood insurance that’s obtained through local, private companies, like Grove Insurance Agency, is federally-supported. Although pricing will vary based on location and risk assessment, it’s easily applied to existing plans.

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