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How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance is a type of supplemental insurance policy that adds to certain insurance coverage types that you already have. Because the price of medical and legal bills can be so high, many people choose to supplement their existing insurance to protect themselves better. If you are interested in an umbrella insurance policy, call us at Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN to talk to an agent. 

Liability Coverage for Your Home 

As a homeowner who already has home insurance in place, you have a specific amount of coverage for liability. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in handy. When your home insurance policy has reached its maximum after an accident, the rest of the medical and legal bills are up to you to pay. This is true unless you have an umbrella policy. With umbrella coverage, the policy pays after your home insurance has maxed out so that you have a much higher maximum with this supplemental coverage. 

Liability Coverage for Your Vehicle

Just as umbrella insurance offers a supplement to your home insurance, it also offers one to your auto coverage. In the event of an accident, your auto insurance pays its liability coverage up to its maximum. Then, the umbrella policy picks the bills up until its own, much-higher, maximum. The result is that these bills are far more likely to be paid by insurance than to make you come up with the money yourself. 

Get Your Own Umbrella Coverage

When you want enough liability coverage to pay for accidents in your home or with your vehicle, you need an umbrella policy. To get this policy, call us at Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN, and talk to an agent about the insurance coverage you want.