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Benefits of Getting Condo Insurance

Owning a condo is gratifying, and the last thing you think about is purchasing insurance. However, while you enjoy the glory of a beautiful home, it is vital to ensure you are protected from financial loss in case anything happens. If you reside in Mechanicsburg, PA, Grove Financial & Associates Inc takes you through the benefits of insuring your condo unit.

Loss of Use

There are times when a covered loss like a fire or water damage will render your unit uninhabitable, needing you to find temporary shelter as your condo undergoes repair. Condo insurance helps cover those additional living expenses you will incur for that period, such as the cost of staying in a hotel.

Liability Coverage

An accident can happen inside your condo unit where you are liable for property damage, bodily injury, or both, to a third party. This is where condo insurance comes to the rescue. Additionally, if your guest, family members, or even you cause damage to common property, the policy can help cover repair costs.

Provides Cover for Personal Items

There are personal belongings in your condo units like jewelry, furniture, electronics, appliances, and fine art at risk of theft, water damage, vandalism, and theft. With condo insurance, you can protect your belongings from such risks.

Covers the Interiors

The Condo association usually takes responsibility for the external parts of the building. That is the common grounds like the elevator and the outer physical structure. However, protecting the interior of your unit is your responsibility. This includes fittings, carpets, furniture, etc. With condo insurance, if any of those things are damaged, the cost of replacement or repair is covered.

At Grove Financial & Associates Inc, we offer reliable and affordable condo insurance policies to residents of Mechanicsburg, PA. If you are shopping for insurance, you can contact us today. Our agents will help you understand the different types of coverage and help you choose a policy that suits your needs.

How to do I know if my car is a classic car

Car lovers understand the value of owning a car that is not right off the showroom floor. Whether it is antique, vintage or classic, these cars showcase the best of American auto manufacturing. If you own one of these cars, you probably want to make sure that you have the correct car insurance to protect your investment. At Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN we are known for providing expert advice and for the quality of the service we give our customers. 

To be considered a classic car, a car needs to be more than 20 years old. In Indiana, historic cars are defined as being 25 years or older. This allows them to be registered for a lower fee and to apply for a historic license plate that is appropriate to the year of the vehicle.  To be eligible it can’t be used primarily for transportation and must be restored, maintained, owned, or operated as a collector item or an investment.

For insurance purposes, the definition of a classic car is somewhat different, and it may differ from one carrier to another. Having an insurance agent who is knowledgeable about classic cars and the best way to insure them is important. With a classic car, it is important that you get an expert appraisal, so you have enough coverage to get your car repaired if it should be damaged. You and your carrier need to agree on the value of your classic car. 

Classic car insurance may be the only way to get enough coverage to protect your vehicle, but it does come with some drawbacks such as limits on the number of miles you can drive in a year. 

When you need to talk to someone about your classic car insurance, contact Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN.