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How to get the most from vintage RV insurance

One significant aspect of RVs is that they don’t depreciate quickly. That’s why vintage RVs are so popular in Brownsburg, IN, and other parts of the world. Classic RVs tend to appreciate as they’re built to withstand harsh weather and remain strong and powerful throughout the years. They are not ordinary RVs, and that’s why Grove Insurance Agency recommends buying adequate vintage RV insurance. However, to get the most out of your vintage RV insurance, here are a few things you must know:

Know the coverages you need

When it comes to insuring a vintage vehicle, a little research can go a long way towards educating you about maintaining and insuring your vehicle. Of course, you need to know which coverages will be more beneficial to your Vintage RV and which ones can be skipped. Your insurance advisor can help you choose and guide you through the process. Just make sure that you buy the right vintage RV insurance from an insurance company that writes vintage RV insurance as they understand the intricacies involved.

Know your Vintage RV value

Your primary focus when buying insurance for your RV should be its value. There are no books or criteria to tell the value of a vintage RV. Find insurers who can determine the real value of your RV. You can also hire a professional appraisal to help you get the value.

Get an “agreed-upon value” type of policy.

Unlike standard RV insurance, where you are covered up to certain limits based on the value the insurance company wrote, vintage RV insurance does not have a cash value. For that reason, don’t buy a cash value policy. Please sit down and agree on your vintage RV value to ensure your vehicle is repaired or replaced based on its current market value.

Looking to buy RV insurance for your home on wheels? Grove Insurance Agency can help you find a customized policy fit for your needs and budget. Feel free to contact us or visit our Brownsburg, IN offices.