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The Advantage of Having Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage to the original policy. Its purpose is essential to protect you from all unexpected crises that may come up. The Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN can assist in receiving the right umbrella insurance for your specific needs.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Accidents occur every day. The results from those mishaps can be expensive. Umbrella insurance can assist with covering all medical bills and other expenses associated with the claim. The coverage will pay the remaining amount after your insurance policy has exceeded its payout limit. Often, insurers add umbrella insurance to an existing auto or home coverage policy.

Is Umbrella Insurance Necessary?

When deciding if umbrella insurance is necessary, you must take a personal inventory of your financial security. Ask yourself what assets you currently hold (car, home and investments) and if your income could pay for any potential settlements from a lawsuit. Financial hardship is incentive enough to add umbrella insurance to your current policy. The added coverage will increase the liability limit and protect you from any possible situation.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Individuals believe umbrella insurance is a meaningful addition to an existing auto or home policy. It helps to protect you from every possible situation, such as bodily injury and personal property damage. Each incident could exceed the financial limits of a current policy. Also, umbrella insurance could add further protection to an existing policy.

Rental property owners should invest in umbrella insurance. The addition will protect them against liability claims from a renter or guests to the property. The coverage offers protection from a personal injury lawsuit, as you could be held liable for all injuries and hardship from the accident on your property.

You need to review the terms of your current insurance policy before adding umbrella insurance to the coverage. If you need additional information, contact Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to fulfill your insurance needs. Call and schedule an appointment today. 

Does umbrella insurance replace other insurance policies?

Umbrella insurance from Grove Insurance Agency is a type of coverage that can extend beyond the limits of your other insurance policies here in the Brownsburg, IN area. It can provide an additional layer of protection in situations where the limits of your other policies have been exceeded, such as car or home insurance. When it comes to umbrella insurance, it does not replace other insurance policies but works in conjunction with them to help provide added financial protection and peace of mind. 

When considering whether umbrella insurance is right for you, it’s important to understand how it works and what types of situations it covers.

Umbrella insurance is designed to cover costs that exceed the limits on your other liability policies, such as liability coverage for auto accidents or lawsuits arising from personal injury or property damage. For example, if you are involved in an auto accident, and your auto policy limit is exhausted due to high medical bills or damages claims by others involved, umbrella insurance can help pay those additional costs. 

Umbrella coverage also provides additional coverage for certain liabilities that may not be covered by your existing policies, such as libel and slander lawsuits. In addition, umbrella policies may offer higher limits than some underlying policies. Therefore, even if one policy has a $500k limit on liability coverage and another $250k limit on property damage liability coverage, having an umbrella policy can provide up to $1 million in extra protection for both categories combined. 

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For more information, give us at Grove Insurance Agency a call today. We are proud to serve the Brownsburg, IN area and would be happy to help you find an umbrella policy that meets both your needs and your budget.

Is It Important to Own Umbrella Insurance?

Buying umbrella insurance from Grove Insurance Agency can safeguard you when you are at risk. Many believe that umbrella insurance is only tailored for affluent individuals, which is an erroneous notion. Buying umbrella insurance is prudent, devoid of the amount of income you earn. If you lose a legal lawsuit, it can have detrimental financial effects on your assets and future income.

Consult with our professional agents in Brownsburg, IN today to get umbrella insurance that meets your needs and lifestyle.

Why should you have umbrella insurance?

Sourcing proficient umbrella coverage is crucial as it consists of the following important benefits:

To safeguard yourself: What transpires when your visitor calls your premises and gets injured from a slip? Procuring liability insurance from Grove Insurance Agency caters to both medical expenses and legal defense fees if they supersede liability coverage on homeowners’ coverage.

To protect yourself after an accident, you get sued. Accidents are likely scenarios that can strike at any time. The outcomes of these unforeseen accidents are property damage and injuries costing thousands of dollars. Having umbrella insurance will save you from paying for these expenses out of – pocket in case the underlying policies get depleted.

To cushion yourself from events not covered by other policies: Some extraordinary scenarios in today’s society may get excluded by some coverage. Unluckily, these events may occur while doing your everyday routine. In a litigious society where we thrive, lawsuits from unlikely scenarios are common. Therefore, one should have a contingency shield when they arise. Umbrella insurance shields you from unique events ranging from slander to libel.

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Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Numerous Brownsburg, IN residents, know that homeowners and auto coverage policies will cover property damage and injuries to other parties. While these are crucial to everyday living, major accidents can occur at any time, leading to extensive costs. Umbrella insurance comes in handy here, keeping you and your loved ones safe when such misfortunes occur. Below, Grove Insurance Agency outlines the benefits of umbrella insurance that will be worth your while.

Offers Liability Protection

Umbrella insurance offers liability protection when 3rd parties are injured in an accident that you are found liable for and when you cause property damage. If, for instance, you collide with another vehicle and cause extensive injury to other parties that exceed your auto cover, umbrella insurance kicks in and pays for the difference. Any property damage resulting from such an incident is also taken care of. Your umbrella cover also caters to injuries and damage that occur at your home, helping you pay your guests’ medical expenses and property repair costs.

Protects You From Lawsuits

In today’s world, lawsuits are a common occurrence, with numerous individuals facing costly legal battles every day. If you regularly entertain guests at your home and your friend gets injured or you cause damage to other people’s property, you will likely get sued for the damage caused. Umbrella insurance offers protection in such an instance, helping you pay any legal costs arising from your case and any damages awarded.

Covers You From Threats Not Covered in Your Standard Policy

Risks such as false imprisonment and mental anguish are often not covered by primary policies, requiring you to pay out of pocket when caught in such circumstances. Umbrella insurance fills this gap, providing compensation for such risks. In addition to this, it will also protect you when dealing with slander and libel claims.

To enjoy the above-listed benefits of umbrella insurance, call Grove Insurance Agency today. We will help you get customized policies during your Brownsburg, IN, residence.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance is a type of supplemental insurance policy that adds to certain insurance coverage types that you already have. Because the price of medical and legal bills can be so high, many people choose to supplement their existing insurance to protect themselves better. If you are interested in an umbrella insurance policy, call us at Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN to talk to an agent. 

Liability Coverage for Your Home 

As a homeowner who already has home insurance in place, you have a specific amount of coverage for liability. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in handy. When your home insurance policy has reached its maximum after an accident, the rest of the medical and legal bills are up to you to pay. This is true unless you have an umbrella policy. With umbrella coverage, the policy pays after your home insurance has maxed out so that you have a much higher maximum with this supplemental coverage. 

Liability Coverage for Your Vehicle

Just as umbrella insurance offers a supplement to your home insurance, it also offers one to your auto coverage. In the event of an accident, your auto insurance pays its liability coverage up to its maximum. Then, the umbrella policy picks the bills up until its own, much-higher, maximum. The result is that these bills are far more likely to be paid by insurance than to make you come up with the money yourself. 

Get Your Own Umbrella Coverage

When you want enough liability coverage to pay for accidents in your home or with your vehicle, you need an umbrella policy. To get this policy, call us at Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN, and talk to an agent about the insurance coverage you want.