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How Does Classic Car Insurance Limit Driving Miles?

Classic car insurance offers a higher value payout if you need to file a claim for damage, a totaled car, or theft. It uses guaranteed value, also called agreed value, instead of the depreciated value. At Grove Insurance Agency, we want Brownsburg, IN, residents to understand the trade-offs when purchasing this high-value insurance. Limited Driving Time Classic car insurance typically limits the vehicle owner to 1,000 miles of driving per year.

Considered pleasure driving, many policies specify that the vehicle can be driven in parades, car shows, and other similar events, but not as a primary vehicle. Some policies offer more mileage, typically up to 2,500 miles per year. This reduced driving time lowers the risk of an auto accident, thereby reducing the risk incurred by the insurance agency.

Garage Requirements

Most classic car policies, including those from Grove Insurance Agency, require that you park your classic vehicle in an enclosed garage space. This provision protects the vehicle from hail, rain, debris blown by wind, and other types of damage. You give up parking in your driveway or under a carport.

Repair Shop Requirements

Some classic car policies let you choose any repair shop you need, but others limit you to local shops. This can vary between policies issued by the same carrier due to the underwriter, so check your potential policy before purchasing it. You can ask your insurance agent to amend the policy to allow you to choose the nearest specialty shop for your make of vehicle or classic or vintage vehicles.

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Renters’ Insurance For New Tenants

If you and your family are renting space for the first time, familiarize yourself with some renters’ insurance tips. Then, contact one of our Grove Insurance Agency representatives for assistance with preparing your family’s personal renters’ insurance documents.

Renters’ Insurance

Renters’ insurance provides protection for tenants while they are occupying a rental space. Some property owners may require that their tenants carry renters’ insurance. If so, they will specify this fact when they advertise a rental.

If renters’ insurance isn’t mandated, it is still a good idea to consider purchasing it.

Theft and Damage

Most renters’ insurance policies cover theft and damage. This type of coverage will pay for the replacement or repair of anything damaged while a tenant was occupying a rental space.

The tenant must specify which of their belongings they would like to add to their renters’ insurance policy. Only the listed items will be covered by an existing policy.

If a tenant sells or purchases new items in the future, they should plan on updating their existing insurance policy.


Liability insurance protects a tenant from lawsuits. If someone is injured, and it is the tenant’s fault, the coverage will prevent the tenant from incurring a lot of legal expenses.


Many add-on products are beneficial to renters. These add-ons will provide a distinct type of coverage. It is a good idea to research all the add-on insurance products that are offered. Then, you can make an educated decision about them.

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If you would like to purchase renters’ insurance, consult with one of our agents who serves Brownsburg, IN. The agent will prepare your policy.

Tips for Selecting the Right Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

The next step after purchasing your motorcycle is protecting your new investment with motorcycle insurance. Insurance protects you, your motorcycle, and others from accidental injuries or damage on the road. These tips from Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN, can help you make informed decisions about the coverage you buy. 

1. Research your coverage options to learn the protection motorcycle insurance provides. Then, you can determine what coverage best meets your needs. Most policies offer liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, among others. Liability is required in Indiana to protect the interests of others in accidents you cause. Collision and comprehensive insurance protect your motorcycle from theft, collision damage, fire, animal strikes, and other disasters.

2. When choosing the type and amount of coverage, consider the value of your bike, where and when you ride, and your risks of injury or damage. Your Grove Insurance agent can help you tailor your policy to provide the protection you need.

3. Compare policies for content and price. Comparison shopping for motorcycle insurance can save you money in the long run. Just beware of compromising quality for price, as the cheapest policy may not provide adequate protection. It is possible to get quality insurance coverage at an affordable cost.

4.  Choose a reputable insurance provider to avoid problems when making a claim. A trustworthy insurer will help expedite the claims process rather than impede it.

5. Choose a policy with premiums you can afford so you don’t put undue stress on your finances. At the same time, make sure you get adequate coverage to avoid paying too much out of pocket in the event of an accident.

For quality motorcycle coverage at a reasonable cost, see your Grove Insurance Agency agent in Brownsburg, IN.

The Three Biggest Things to Know About Boat Insurance

Understanding Boat Insurance in Brownsburg, IN with Grove Insurance Agency

Grove Insurance Agency, a leading provider in Brownsburg, IN, is here to help with all your boat insurance-related queries. Our experienced agents have a great understanding of common boat policy issues, making it easier for you to decide on the type and level of coverage you need.

Three Key Aspects to Know About Your Boat Insurance Policy

1. Your Policy Protects Your Passengers and Others Too

Boat insurance not only safeguards against damage or loss of your boat, but it also covers damages to other vessels and injuries to persons aboard your boat or others. Comparing different policy details is essential to finding the perfect plan for you.

2. Keeping Insurance During Off-Season is Important

Insuring your boat, even during the off-season, ensures protection against risks like theft and other losses. For instance, it is advisable to have some policy on your boat when it is in storage during winter.

3. Seek Help from an Agent for the Right Coverage

Working with our dedicated agents can help you decide the level of coverage you need. This gives you extra protection for your boat and increases your peace of mind. You can then enjoy your boating adventures worry-free.

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If you’re searching for a boat insurance policy in the Brownsburg, IN area, reach out to Grove Insurance Agency today. We’ll assist you in assessing various options and provide the necessary information for you to make an informed decision.

The Advantage of Having Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage to the original policy. Its purpose is essential to protect you from all unexpected crises that may come up. The Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN can assist in receiving the right umbrella insurance for your specific needs.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Accidents occur every day. The results from those mishaps can be expensive. Umbrella insurance can assist with covering all medical bills and other expenses associated with the claim. The coverage will pay the remaining amount after your insurance policy has exceeded its payout limit. Often, insurers add umbrella insurance to an existing auto or home coverage policy.

Is Umbrella Insurance Necessary?

When deciding if umbrella insurance is necessary, you must take a personal inventory of your financial security. Ask yourself what assets you currently hold (car, home and investments) and if your income could pay for any potential settlements from a lawsuit. Financial hardship is incentive enough to add umbrella insurance to your current policy. The added coverage will increase the liability limit and protect you from any possible situation.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Individuals believe umbrella insurance is a meaningful addition to an existing auto or home policy. It helps to protect you from every possible situation, such as bodily injury and personal property damage. Each incident could exceed the financial limits of a current policy. Also, umbrella insurance could add further protection to an existing policy.

Rental property owners should invest in umbrella insurance. The addition will protect them against liability claims from a renter or guests to the property. The coverage offers protection from a personal injury lawsuit, as you could be held liable for all injuries and hardship from the accident on your property.

You need to review the terms of your current insurance policy before adding umbrella insurance to the coverage. If you need additional information, contact Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to fulfill your insurance needs. Call and schedule an appointment today. 

Understanding the Basic of Flood Insurance

Water accounts for nearly 75% of the Earth’s surface. While essential to life forms, an unexpected onslaught of water can become a serious hazard/danger to property and life. Floods can be caused by heavy rainfall, storm surges, melting snow, blocked drainage systems, and more. Grove Insurance Agency is here to assist the greater Brownsburg, IN region residents.

What Is a Flood in the Context of Insurance?

Within the industry, a flood is defined as a general/temporary condition where a) two or more acres of normally dry land or b) two or more properties have been inundated by water/mudflow.

FEMA designates flood zones throughout the country based on the likelihood of flooding. Properties in Special Flood Hazard Areas are most at risk; they typically need flood insurance if the property is mortgaged by a federally regulated lender.

What is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance refers to a unique and specialized insurance coverage that protects homeowners from losses created by a flood event.

Flood Coverage

Coverage typically includes both the structure of the home (the building and its foundation, etc.) and its contents (appliances, furniture, clothing, etc.).

Excluded Perils

Standard insurance policies for homeowners DO NOT typically cover losses caused by flooding. And property located below grade, like basements, may be excluded.

Other important flood insurance aspects include –

  • A waiting period is usually required before flood insurance coverage is effective.
  • Most flood insurance policies are offered through a FEMA-managed National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Some private insurers offer flood insurance, although terms/coverage/conditions may differ.
  • Flood insurance costs depend on various factors, like elevation, location, coverage, etc.

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It’s crucial to review the terms of your flood policy carefully. For additional information, contact our licensed professionals at Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN today.

Four of the most important things that you need to know about life insurance

Consumers may have a lot of questions when they buy life insurance for the first time. At Grove Insurance Agency, we can answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to choose the right life insurance solution in Brownsburg, IN.

Here are four of the most important things that consumers need to know about life insurance:

Consumers need to choose from various policy types when they buy life insurance.

Those who are buying a life insurance policy for the first time might not realize that there are so many different types of life insurance.

When you buy a policy, you need to choose whether you want a term, whole, universal, or other type of life insurance policy. 

A consumer’s state of health can impact life insurance availability.

In most situations, insurance providers require a medical exam before they sell a life insurance policy to a consumer. If you have a severe and life-threatening health problem, it might be harder to find a life insurance policy for which you are eligible. 

Consumers who have health problems might prefer to get a no-exam life insurance policy that shouldn’t have strict health requirements. 

A family’s life insurance needs can change over time. 

Once you’ve bought insurance, you should remember to review your coverage periodically in the future. Your life insurance needs might change as your dependents become financially self-sufficient down the road. 

Life insurance coverage will eventually lapse if premium payments cease.

It’s essential for you to plan ahead and make all your payments on time. If you get far beyond with life insurance premium payments, your policy will lapse, and your family will no longer be covered. 

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Before you buy life insurance in Brownsburg, IN, you should get quotes on policies from providers in your area. Call us today at Grove Insurance Agency to get a quote on a life insurance policy that will provide your family with financial protection. 

I have an old Chevette. Am I eligible for classic car insurance?

Many of us have old cars that we still drive from time to time. However, old doesn’t always equal classic. Although the definition of a classic car can vary from one insurance company to the next, there are general guidelines that fit the definition of a classic car. The team at Grove Insurance Agency is dedicated to educating Brownsburg, IN drivers on the basics of classic car insurance.

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance doesn’t have a definition that’s set in stone. In fact, insurance companies set their own definition of what’s classic. However, there are general factors that define a classic car. Typically, classic cars are 25 years old or older. However, even that number can fluctuate a little bit. Classic cars also have some sort of historical interest and may even be limited edition. As a result, not all old cars fall into the category of classic.

Classic cars are usually kept in mint condition and may be restored vehicles. Classic cars can’t be primary vehicles. In other words, these vehicles are usually not the primary car driven but the secondary car and aren’t driven daily. Classic car insurance differs from conventional insurance in that the classic car is insured for its agreed-upon value. You and the insurance company agree on the value of the car. However, classic car insurance carries similar coverage to conventional car insurance. 

I have an old Chevette. Am I eligible for classic car insurance?

Maybe. Of course, it will be up to the insurance company of your choice. However, if you’re driving your car daily, or it’s your primary vehicle, it’s unlikely that you can insure it as a classic car. Also, if your car is in poor condition, it’s also likely that your car wouldn’t be eligible for classic car insurance.

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Is it always a good idea to have renter’s insurance in Indiana?

Renting a home can be a great option for housing. When you are in the Brownsburg, IN area, there are a lot of great places to rent a home that are located in good areas with plenty of local amenities. While you will enjoy the benefits that come with renting, you do need to get insurance and maintain it at all times. There are a lot of reasons why it is a good idea to have renter’s insurance when you are here. 

Insurance is often a Lease Requirement

One of the reasons people will want to always have a renter’s insurance plan is because it is often a lease requirement. If you choose to rent a home when you are in this part of Indiana, you will want to ensure you comply with all lease requirements. Generally, a property owner and lessor will require you to carry a certain type of renter’s insurance through the term of the loan.

Receive Protection through Coverage

Having renter’s insurance is also a good idea because you will receive the protections it provides. A quality renter’s insurance policy offers various forms of support and coverage. This includes protection for personal assets and various types of liability coverage. This can ensure you have support in some other challenging situations. 

Consult With Us

If you are going to rent a home when you are in the Brownsburg, IN area, you will want to ensure that you are carrying the right type of insurance. If you are looking for a renter’s insurance plan here, you can call our team at the Grove Insurance Agency to begin the process. Our team with the Grove Insurance Agency knows the value of this coverage and will offer the help you need to build a new plan. 

Will Motorcycle Insurance Replace a Stolen Motorcycle?

At Grove Insurance Agency in Brownsburg, IN, we see that it’s hard to figure out how you’ll come up with funds to replace your investment if your motorcycle is stolen. Without your motorcycle in your life, you’re probably itching to get out on the open road and feel that level of freedom again. Since life without a motorcycle can feel stifling, it’s best to look into all your options.

Will Motorcycle Insurance Replace a Stolen Motorcycle?

While there are several ways to pay for a new motorcycle like financing it through a loan, getting a payment plan, or using savings to cover the costs of the new vehicle, you may want to see if your insurance offers motorcycle replacement for a stolen bike before you shell out your hard-earned cash for it. After all, payment plans can be a hassle, and motorcycles typically aren’t cheap. Even a used motorcycle could cost you a pretty penny, so it’s wise to do some digging before you put money into it. 

Although every insurance policy has terms and conditions that vary, some types of motorcycle insurance policies will cover all or part of the expenses associated with replacing your motorcycle. Typically, these policies will have limits on how much they can cover. If you don’t know if your motorcycle insurance policy covers a stolen motorcycle, you can speak with one of our insurance professionals to review the terms and limits of your specific policy. If your policy doesn’t offer coverage for a stolen motorcycle and that’s important to you, it may be time to look into increasing your level of coverage to plan for this kind of unexpected emergency.

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