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Winter Rider? 5 Tips to Enjoy Your Motorcycle Year-Round

Considering becoming a ‘Rounder’ – someone who enjoys riding their motorcycle year-round? Here are five tips to make winter-time riding safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. 

1. Don’t dismiss comfort; it’s vital in rougher weather. 
Understand what winter looks like where you plan to ride. In Brownsburg, IN, expect snowfall and rainstorms, with winter chill dipping to the low 20s. Below freezing? Expect icy conditions, and prepare accordingly. Some gear to consider: 

  • Hands are vital. Protect them with suitable insulated, waterproof gloves that fit comfortably and leave room in the fingertips. Consider adding heated grips. 
  • Visibility is key. Wear bright colors and use a helmet breath deflector to prevent mist or condensation from interfering with visibility. 
  • Layer up. Make sure your jacket, pants, and boots are insulated, waterproof, and comfortable. Wear thick socks and give your winter boots more room than your summer pair. Keep air out by wrapping up your neck. 

2. Don’t Neglect Maintenance
In addition to topping off anti-freeze, ensuring your chain tension is good, oil levels are proper, and tires have adequate pressure, consider upgrading your tires for better winter grip. They are the two contact points for you on the road; don’t skimp on winter tires.

3. Brush Up On Winter Driving Skills
Before picking up a daily commute, get used to driving on colder roads. Get comfortable using your emergency brake, increase your distance following, and assume other drivers do not see you. 

4. Know When Not to Ride
Whether a novice or an old pro, understand your capacity on the roads. If a storm is pounding the roadway and there’s standing water, consider delaying your trip or driving a car. Likewise, black ice can be concealed beneath the snowpack. Don’t risk your life on a roadway you can’t safely navigate. 

5. Ensure Your Insurance is Adequate 
Before winter hits, reach out to Grove Insurance Agency today to discuss your motorcycle insurance coverage. While state law requires liability protections, winter riders should also consider adding comprehensive and collision coverage to cover their interests while on the road. 

Is renters insurance a necessity?

Are you a tenant or aspiring to be one in Mechanicsburg, PA? If you are a tenant, it’s prudent to purchase renters insurance coverage even if your landlord does not require it. Renters insurance is designed to safeguard you against catastrophic damage to your belongings and probable legal liabilities. Regrettably, most tenants in Mechanicsburg, PA, ignore the purchase of renters insurance, thinking that their landlord’s homeowners insurance can protect them in case of any eventuality. Tenants need to comprehend that their landlord is not financially liable if their personal property is damaged by any peril or stolen. Do you want to possess peace of mind that your personal property is safeguarded from probable hazards wherever you go? Please contact our charismatic agents at Grove Financial & Associates Inc and get renters insurance that matches your needs and budget. Keep reading to establish why renters insurance is a worthwhile asset.

Protects your possessions

Have you ever evaluated the value of everything you own? Perhaps a burglar breaks into your condo and steals your computer or television. Could you afford to replace it on your own? These scenarios warrant tenants to invest in renters insurance because it protects their personal belongings like clothing, electronics, and furniture against impending perils like theft, vandalism, and fire.

Liability protection

What happens when a guest slips and breaks a leg while residing in your rented house? Can you afford to settle their medical bills? Worry no more because renters insurance from Grove Financial & Associates Inc will assist you in catering to claims and lawsuits brought about by third parties for injuries and damage to their property propagated by you, children, and your pets.

Provide additional living expenses coverage (loss of use)

It’s imperative to understand that your landlord will not foot any bill if a given peril ravages your rented house and you are forced to relocate elsewhere. Luckily if you have renters, insurance will kick in during these stressful moments and pay for additional expenses and hotel bills while your condominium is getting repaired or rebuilt.

Do you want to have an invisible shield around you to protect your personal property after renting a house in Mechanicsburg, PA? Please call or visit us at Grove Financial & Associates Inc, and our charismatic agents will help you design a customized renters insurance policy that suits your needs.