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How Does Classic Car Insurance Limit Driving Miles?

Classic car insurance offers a higher value payout if you need to file a claim for damage, a totaled car, or theft. It uses guaranteed value, also called agreed value, instead of the depreciated value. At Grove Insurance Agency, we want Brownsburg, IN, residents to understand the trade-offs when purchasing this high-value insurance. Limited Driving Time Classic car insurance typically limits the vehicle owner to 1,000 miles of driving per year.

Considered pleasure driving, many policies specify that the vehicle can be driven in parades, car shows, and other similar events, but not as a primary vehicle. Some policies offer more mileage, typically up to 2,500 miles per year. This reduced driving time lowers the risk of an auto accident, thereby reducing the risk incurred by the insurance agency.

Garage Requirements

Most classic car policies, including those from Grove Insurance Agency, require that you park your classic vehicle in an enclosed garage space. This provision protects the vehicle from hail, rain, debris blown by wind, and other types of damage. You give up parking in your driveway or under a carport.

Repair Shop Requirements

Some classic car policies let you choose any repair shop you need, but others limit you to local shops. This can vary between policies issued by the same carrier due to the underwriter, so check your potential policy before purchasing it. You can ask your insurance agent to amend the policy to allow you to choose the nearest specialty shop for your make of vehicle or classic or vintage vehicles.

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