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Don’t Let Your Boat Insurance Policy Lapse

At Grove Insurance Agency, we help Brownsburg, IN residents find high-quality boat insurance. However, we also see many people who let their policy lapse and struggle with various consequences. Understanding these can help to make it easier for you to keep your policy up to date. 

What Happens If You Lapse 

Lapsing your insurance policy (i.e., not paying on time or missing too many payments) will quickly cause your policy to lapse. This means that your policy is no longer active and your boat is not insured. Any accidents that you experience will then be on you to pay and not your insurance company.

When you try to get a new policy after it lapses, you may find that your company demands higher premiums. Or they might refuse to insure you at all. The end result may be that you need to get a specialized high-risk insurance policy that will cost you more money to handle.

Unfortunately, there are situations that may also void your policy if you’ve paid it. These situations are often quite complex and may vary according to your policy. They include things like providing false information that causes your insurance company to cancel your policy. 

When this happens, you’ll experience the same kind of reaction you would if your policy lapsed normally. Insurance companies treat all lapses the same, even if you paid your policy up to date. False information on a claim will quickly anger your insurer and cause you complications. 

Get the Help You Need 

If your boat insurance policy has lapsed or if you want to insure a new boat and need help, we are here for you. At Grove Insurance Agency serving Brownsburg IN, we can provide the kind of high-quality insurance policy that you want and give you the assistance necessary to execute it properly.